How It Works

Buildzit helps connect contractors & builders with local building materials distributors to find overstock & discounted building supplies.

Distributors List Materials

1. Distributors List Materials

Distributors list their non-stock, mis-ordered, excess or discontinued building materials at deep discounts. This helps them avoid costly auctions, open up space in their warehouses for new inventory and develop new relationships with contractors and builders.

Contractors Search

2. Contractors Search

Contractors & builders can search for discounted materials in their area, helping them to keep projects under budget or fulfill a previously under-estimated materials order.

Contractors Connect With Distributors

3. Contractors Connect With Distributors

Contractors & builders can then contact distributors to arrange pickup or delivery of their products, based on terms discussed bewteen them.

Distributors click on the below you tube video to see how easy it is managing your dead-stock inventory on

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List Materials


Connect with local distributors to find specific building materials that are discontinued, hard to locate and discounted.

  • Save Money
  • Find Discounted Products
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